Guitar Ring

“Guitar Ring” is the smartest way to play percussion on guitar. With it, all you need to  produce a great sounding Snare is a movement of your thumb! No more need for nails made of acrylic, devices to attach to your instrument or wide movements that would prevent you from picking the strings:  “Guitar Ring” is the way to go. The large surface of the ring, combined with its material, produces just the right sound. Try it and be surprised!

Find Your Size

Please check out this useful website here to find out how to measure your thumb, then send us your size when placing the order! If you have troubles, don’t hesitate to write to us.


What makes the GUITAR RING different than other percussive guitar products?

The material and thickness of the ring create a loud and unique snare sound with minimum effort in the movement. Other percussive products do not produce the same sound and they do not reach the same volume. In most cases, they even need to be attached to the instrument itsself, which forces the player to hit specifically a little area of the guitar and prevents the player from using that area for other functions. The GUITAR RING instead, offers a total versatility when it comes to being able to hit where you prefer. It is achieved by doing a tiny movement of the thumb that turns into a great and powerful snare.

How can I measure the size of my thumb?

It is enough to follow the instructions explained hereOnce you find the circumference of your thumb, you can select the size which is the closest to your measurement on our web page. You can do this while buying the GUITAR RING.

What if the size of my thumb is not listed on this website when purchasing the GUITAR RING? 

Please send us a message with your size and we will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know if we can produce a ring for you.

How long does it take to receive the GUITAR RING?

We ship our products the same week we receive the order and we use the fastest option available, inclusive of a tracking number.  If the GUITAR RING is out of stock we will inform you immediately. The notification of a possible delay still gives you the chance to step back from the order. We guarantee full reliability and dedication.

Will the GUITAR RING damage my guitar?

The wood and polish of the guitar are very delicate, so a percussive playing style where you hit directly your instrument will necessarily alter the condition of your guitar in time. The GUITAR RING is no exception and might create some tiny spots of impact on your guitar, mostly only visible when you hold your guitar against the light. If you check some of the example videos on this website, you won´t be able to see any signs caused by the ring: this is because the marks are very minor. In any case, it´s our duty to inform you about this detail and encourage you to place a plastic protection on your guitar if you want to keep it as immaculate as it was the day you bought it.

What happens if I don´t like the GUITAR RING?

We received wonderful and positive feedback so far and we are very positive you will love the GUITAR RING, as well. If for any reasons you are unhappy of the product, though, please just send us an e-mail and share your thoughts with us: We are available for your concerns about the ring and if needed we will refund you the full price. For us it´s never about the money, it´s about creating innovation in playing guitar and other similar string instruments and sharing it with you.

Is there only a version of the GUITAR RING?

After countless trials and changes in material and thickness, we selected only one version that we consider to be ideal. As avid and enthusiastic users of the GUITAR RING we never stop testing and we know that in life there is always space for improvement, so we will keep trying to get better and better and we will share with you the result of our research.

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