About Us

Muca simply stands for Meg + Luca! 🙂

Our names are Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli, we are are professional musicians and what we do in life is touring around the world playing concerts – together or alone.

We put our whole minds and hearts into music and some times, in our constant reasearch to improve ourselves and our playing, new ideas are created.

The “Guitar Ring” is one of these ideas and we found it so incredibly useful that we couldn´t keep it just for ourselves, so we decided to put our efforts together to start a company and share with you our passion, innovations and expedients.

This project is just getting started, but we promise already from now full professionalism and attention for the details.

We hope and believe that our product will open a new world of possibilities for you and for your playing. Thank you for being here!

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